Elder Board


Jason Casanova

Jason has been married to Kathy for over 10 years and a follower of Jesus for more than 20. He loves seeing the passion RockPoint members and attenders have for serving and worshipping God. He also enjoys seeing all the committed volunteers in the RockPoint Kids area and how excited the kids are after each service. In his spare time Jason enjoys hiking, backpacking, traveling, and--his newest passion--bouldering. 


Willie Sabol

Willie and Ellen have been married 44 years and Willie has been a follower of Jesus for 38 years. He loves the family atmosphere of RockPoint and the ability to feel comforted and accepted just as he is. His favorite things to do in his spare time is write books and play music


Kenneth Reynolds

Kenneth and Kristin have been married since 1998 and have two kids—Chase and Shelby. He was raised in South Texas and has lived most of his live in the San Antonio area.  He was not brought up in a Christian home and came to faith as an older teen.  Kenneth knows first-hand the radical difference Jesus makes in the life of an individual and family. Kenneth loves to hit the golf course on sunny days, play basketball with his kids, and watch The Office.